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Collins Wentzell Helps Protect Your Estate and Family

Wills and estates law is the law dealing with everything to do with:

  • Last Will and Testament

  • Probate and Administration

  • Letters of Guardianship of a Minor or Mentally Incompetent Person

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Enduring Powers of Attorney

At Collins Wentzell, we handle every one of these areas. First and foremost…if you don't already have one:


Many people think they are too young to need a will. NOT TRUE! If you own property and most especially if you have children, YOU REALLY NEED A WILL!

YOU want to make the decisions as to who gets your property.

YOU want to make the decisions about who raises your children.

YOU want to make the decisions about how your property is spent raising your children.

YOU want to make the decisions about when your children get any property left when they are adults.

These decisions are extremely important. In fact, they rank among the most important decisions you will ever make. So, how do you make them?


At Collins Wentzell, we will guide you through this process and draft a will that represents all your wishes. We offer advice based on experience about things that you may never have thought about but should be included in your will. And it is not expensive.

Do you already have a will? Excellent! If, however, it is over five years old or if things have changed in your life, you should have your will reviewed with a lawyer to see if changes should be made. We do that, too.

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