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Collins Wentzell is Focused on Families

Family law involves everything relating to the breakdown of a marriage or common law relationship as well as everything relating to children who were born out of a more casual relationship.

Where children are involved, the issues that arise relate to custody, access and child support.

Other issues not related to children include spousal support (commonly known as alimony) and the division of assets and debts (including employment pensions).

Depending on the case, these issues can be complicated…


The one thing that almost all family law cases have in common is how personal and private they are. You want a lawyer who is caring and empathetic but who will not shy away from telling you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

At Collins Wentzell, we focus first and foremost on getting all these issues resolved with your children's and your best interests in mind. We will fight for you but we would much rather reach a settlement by agreement rather than a court-imposed settlement. It is cheaper, better for your children and yourself and does not destroy the ability of parents to discuss issues relating to their children in an amicable way.

So, how do we do that?

WE will meet with you to explain all of your rights and obligations.

WE will review your personal circumstances and make recommendations for resolution.

WE will handle all communication with the other party's lawyer or the other party directly if he or she does not have a lawyer.

WE will draft a separation agreement or parenting agreement that incorporates everything that has been agreed to.

WE will prepare all necessary court documents to obtain a divorce (where applicable) and to register any agreements you have reached.

And if all else fails…

WE WILL GO TO COURT AND FIGHT FOR YOU but we will keep trying to reach a settlement while doing so…we won’t give up trying!

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